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Programs and Partners

Reviews from our Partners:

Med-ucate is educational and informative. What makes it more interesting is that the team breaks down difficult concepts like the immune, cardiovascular, and nervous systems in a simple way that our Jeena kids can understand. The Med-ucate team is patient and makes learning fun. They’re enthusiastic, well organized. We love the slides they use. They take charge and keep the kids engaged every minute. They’re dedicated and Jeena is happy to have them conduct classes.

- Jeena

The Med-ucate team has been volunteering and teaching in FCSN After-School Program since 2019. We appreciate their passion in reaching out to the special needs community and as well as their dedication in teaching especially during this time of pandemic. Every week, the Med-ucate team teaches Anatomy Class through zoom online which brings lots of positivity to our students. The class is always creative and fun and talks about the importance of keeping the body healthy.  Each member of the Med-ucate team is compassionate, patient and kind as they make sure to interact with every student and to encourage them to participate actively. The Med-ucate Team has also donated materials for our students which helps them enjoy learning and creating crafts. The students genuinely enjoyed learning from the Med-ucate team, and we wanted Med-ucate to continue teaching at the Afterschool Program.

- Friends of Children with Special Needs (FCSN)

Med-ucate's Programs

Rehab Africa

Rehab Africa's Mission is to bring African youth out of social Isolation, discrimination, and poverty through our pillars of Mental Health, Technology, Entrepreneurship, and Education.

Their Vision is a platform where African youths are empowered with skills and opportunities that allow them to solve problems in the world and create a more equal society.

Teacher Assisting a Student
Children in Science Class

City Elementary

City Elementary offers an educational program tailored to students with diverse learning and developmental needs in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago. The school values hands-on, child-centered, and project-based learning. In addition to anatomy & physiology, Med-ucate is teaching life skills classes with City Elementary, including budgeting, time management, and sleep.


The Family Emergency Shelter Coalition (FESCO) aims to create a community that can support homeless families, and build self-confidence and self-reliance in them. Med-ucate holds monthly classes for children at FESCO's Banyan House, educating them on the life sciences and helping them develop confidence, teamwork, and life skills. 

Kids Playing Treasure Hunt
Young Students

Friends of Children with Special Needs

Friends of Children with Special Needs aims to help mitigate disparities for special needs communities by providing assistance to both the families and special needs children/adults. With our organization’s mission always in mind, we are currently hosting an after school program exploring 6 different body systems and engaging the kids through hands on activities, models, games, and much more!


Jeena is a community that seeks to support families of individuals with developmental disabilities. Our organization is currently providing classes to promote awareness about our bodies through teaching different body systems and medical skills. Our goal with these events is to empower individuals with developmental disabilities to engage with the community.

Diverse Kindergarten
Support Group

Global Mental Health Outreach Program

Med-ucate is collaborating with the GMHO program to educate our global community on the intersection between mental and physical health and provide self-care tips through webinars, interactive classes, and more!

Careers in Med

This workshop series is designed to educate listeners about different specialties, educational pathways, and how to prepare for a career in medicine from high school! We will also be bringing in medical speakers to talk about their firsthand experiences in the medical field. 

Distance Learning

EduCreate Tutors

EduCreate Tutors is dedicated to impacting communities all over the nation by providing free one-on-one tutoring to children from grades K-8 with the hopes of helping them with their academic journeys. The Med-ucate Program works with EduCreate Tutors to teach courses designed by our very own curriculum developers. 

San Jose Public Library

If you are interested in learning about your anatomy so you can live healthy, join us as we explore the human body systems through games, activities, and more! By the end of this program, children will know the basics of how their heart, brain, digestive organs, and more work. They will also pick up valuable health tips related to those organs that they can apply every day throughout their lives.

We have programs with multiple branches on different topics and for various age groups. Visit SJPL's Events page to register.

Biology Class
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